Micro Keratin: What you need to know

I’ve always been adventurous with my hair – for better or worse. While I’ve stopped experimenting with dye and bleach at home, much to the relief of my hairdresser, the adventurous spirit hasn’t left me.

And, I think, that’s why I love working with Spoilt Hair so much. They’re constantly on the cutting edge of whatever’s new – whether it’s technology or products – they always want to be able to offer their clients the absolute best, and I’m very happy to be a guinea pig for them. And, side note – if your hairdresser doesn’t give you wine and MCC on a Friday afternoon, then you’re going to the wrong place.

After trying a Brazilian blowdry in July, I was counting down the months until I had to go for a top-up. They’re said to last for around three months, so I was right on time for a refresher, when the team at Micro Keratin got in touch and asked if I wanted to try their treatment. Of course I said yes.

I was glad that I’d done a Brazilian (or keratin) treatment a few months ago, as it allowed me to compare processes and results. Effectively, as you could likely guess from its name, Micro Keratin uses nanotechnology to allow millions of  microscopic natural keratin molecules to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. The treatment claims to last for up to six months if used with their range of aftercare products. I was given a set of these so I could see for myself – keep an eye out for my update in six months.

When looking at pricing, the standard Brazilian treatment is charged at R30/ml, with an average of 70 – 80mls being used. The Micro Keratin treatment is slightly more expensive, at R35/ml, but less is used – generally 20ml less per treatment. (If you don’t feel like doing the math, just know that the Micro Keratin treatment works out a few hundred Rand cheaper).

I’ve decided to work through some of the claims and promises held my Micro Keratin on their website, and give you my thoughts:

No harmful chemicals

While I believe there are still undetectable amounts of formaldehyde, I didn’t experience any of the fumes (and associated burning of eyes, nose and throat) that I did with my previous treatment. Definitely a plus when it comes to rating the experience.

90 minute treatment

Yes – absolutely true. My hair was washed with a clarifying shampoo, twice, and left on for 7 minutes each time. The treatment was applied, left on for 30 minutes, then blow-dryed, flat-ironed and I was out of there – just in time to beat the Friday afternoon traffic. The treatment is gel-based, not cream-based, so can be left on without making your hair oily. With other treatments, hair is washed again after flat-ironed (hair needs to be flat-ironed as the product is activated at 230 degrees C).

Strong, soft, beautiful, healthy and shiny hair

My hair was soft and very smooth after the treatment, but still with movement and some volume – as the previous treatment removed all traces of volume from my hair (which is neither good nor bad, simply an observation). Even my blonde, highlighted sections of hair were very shiny – even after I’d washed it on hair – which can be tough to accomplish.

It’s still early days, so I’m keen to see how my hair behaves over the next few months – but, so far, there are no negatives to the treatment. There is one point, which is worth noting for those with highlights or colour-treated hair – this treatment can, and likely will, affect your colour. I would recommend doing it before your next colour appointment, as my blonde has turned quite brassy. As my next hair appointment is only next month, I plan on trying to rectify it with this in the meantime. Will report back.

Note: I enjoyed my treatment compliments of Micro Keratin and Spoilt Hair. All views and images are my own.

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  1. Hi, please can you give me a follow up of your MK treatment. Would you do it again? How long did it last? Was your hair smooth and frizz free every time you washed it?

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